MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE is a simple, one of these days powerful solution that offers short-term personal loans to salaried as well as freelance professionals. Completely digitally driven, and the entire loan application program can be carried through internet. MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE needs minimum documentation, and so the whole application operation shouldn't take you more than ten minutes to complete. On approval, you will be able to get the money in your account right away.

What products are provided by MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE?

We provide loans starting from ₹500 to ₹5,000, with a sort of repayment tenures. Here are the different forms of loans we provide: • Salary advance: These are personal loans ranging from ₹750 to ₹5,000. These smaller loan amounts help oneself fulfill unexpected expenses that may come up in front your next payday. • Short-run consumer loan: These are consumer loan ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹20,000. These bigger loans help oneself take on emergencies and financial necessitates standing up due to unexpected conditions.

Loan Amount range: ₹750 to ₹20,000

Loan Tenure: 90 days to 360 days

Rate of interest: 20% to 35% depending upon risk profile of the customer and product availed.

Our active interest rate with a upper limit of 35% (APR), guarantees you do not have to pay off anything more than 2.9% interest Per calendar month.

Our easy repayment tenures ranging between 90 days to 360 daytimes

Technology and other related fees: from ₹ 50 to ₹ 1000 maximum. Loan Eligibility Criteria: Indian Citizens, over 21 years of age and having a balanced every month source of revenue of above ₹15000 per month

Example :

Loan Amount : INR 1500

Interest Rate 30% (2.5% interest Per calendar month.)

Loan Tenure: 90 days

Interest : INR 112.50 (90 days)

On what fundament does MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE lend

MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE lends based on the authenticity of the profile details and documents provided by you. • Fill basic details to check your eligibility • To apply for the loan you are eligible for, fill out your personal information. • Upload photos of your documents. • Choose your loan • Provide your bank account details. • E-sign the Loan agreement. • Get the money instantly in your bank account.

Why should I prefer MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE besides taking a consumer loan from a bank?

Applying for a consumer loan at a bank asks multiple forms and comprehensive certification. You may need to bring down your branch office numerous times, and it usually takes a few days for the bank to process your loan. When you are facing a financial need, you may not always have the time to delay for the money to get in. Whenever you want a loan of a smaller sum of money, you may not prefer to go the trouble of experiencing a boring, tedious procedure.

At MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE, the whole application process is online, and completing the steps just not takes more than 10 minutes. If sanctioned, your loan is transferred to your account instantly.

Loan Amount range: ₹750 to ₹20,000

Loan Tenure: 90 days to 360 days

Rate of interest: 20% to 35% depending upon risk profile of the customer and product availed.

Our active interest rate with a upper limit of 35% (APR), guarantees you do not have to pay off anything more than 2.9% interest Per calendar month.

Our easy repayment tenures ranging between 90 days to 360 daytimes

Technology and other related fees: from ₹ 50 to ₹ 1000 maximum.

Loan Eligibility Criteria: Indian Citizens, over 21 years of age and having a balanced every month source of revenue of above ₹15000 per month

Can I create a profile on MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE even if I do not need funds right now?

Sure, you should. Emergencies and chances don't go with a prior warning. You may need to mind a medical emergency for somebody in your family, make an unexpected payment, or even make the best of a flash sale online.

Creating a visibility in advance will get in even easier for you to apply for a fast loan, as and once you need it.

What if I change my mobile number?

You need to send over an e-mail to support@mobiloan.in with your new mobile number, and then we can either deactivate your account or find ways to carry on with the active account.

HOW TO USE MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE? • Be sure you are entering your name as per PAN CARD • Try to use mobile number linked to your AADHAR Card for smoother processing.

How to fill the eligibility form?

Eligibility form should be filled up very carefully and aqurately for us to treat your application smoothly

What if my app shuts down before I complete the process? Do not worry – you will be able to pick up exactly from where you took out, at one time you resume the app.

Can I edit my profile details? No you can't edit your details when you submit your profile for eligibility check, and so please make certain you're filling the details correct

Can I reach out to MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE? For any queries, you will be able to reach to us at support@mobiloan.in or call us on 07252060797

My application was not approved? What was the reason? We determine the eligibility of every borrower supported our own set parameters and algorithms. Do not worry if your loan didn't get sanctioned – it's not necessarily a expression of your credit worthiness. It just means that your profile doesn't accommodate our set algorithms and credit model. We will let you know just in case your application could not be approved. As well, you may re-apply after three months in such that cases.

Do I have to upload the required documents every time I take a loan? No, you just need to upload your documents the first time you apply for a loan. At one time your documents have been successfully verified and your MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE profile is confirmed, you need not re-submit your documents the next time you apply for a loan.

Can I upload a photograph of a scanned copy or xerox of my personal identity proof (PAN card) or name and address proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, driving licence)? No, a xerox copy or scanned copy of your documents will not be accepted. We need photographs of your original documents only.

Can I send the documents to you via e-mail? No, you will be able to only upload the documents through the form. How do you perform customer identity and address checks? The documents you upload help all loan approving entities understand clients and their financial relations better. The documents we require from you are: • A photograph of your PAN Card, which we use as your personal identity proof. • A photo of your Aadhaar card, voter ID or driving license, by which we can verify your name and address.

My KYC documents are correct but they're not getting verified. What can be the reason? Please ascertain that you upload clear photographs of your original documents. Clicking a photograph of a soft copy of your documents saved on a different mobile or computer may not work.

My profile confirmation has been pending for more than twenty-four hours. Why? Generally, the profile check happens within ten minutes of registration. Even so, in rare cases we may need more time to verify the profile. This may happen just in case of low clarity documents, user provided information not matching with the documents uploaded, and so on. At one time we have been able to verify your profile, you will be notified thru SMS. You may also reach out to our customer care at support@mobiloan.in or call us on 07252060797

Is my information safe with MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE? All the transactions are secured via a 256-bit SSL encryption. All the data are transmitted over secured connections. We don't share your information with whatsoever 3rd companies without your consent. Your information is totally safe with us.

Is there a specific time at which I can apply for a loan through with MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE? No, you can avail a loan from MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE 24x7x365. As we operate a completely digitalised platform, you are not bounded by any particular working hours.

If you make regular lend applications from MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE and make timely re-payments every time, there is a good possibility that your maximum disbursal limit will increase over time. Do note that while making timely re-payments increases the chance of raising your maximum disbursal amount, it doesn't guarantee as is.

Can I apply for 2 loans at the same time? No, you will be able to apply for one loan at one time.

Can I change my loan terms? At one time a loan is approved and disbursed, the loan terms specified amount and repayment date cannot be changed.

Can I get my loan cancelled? At one time a loan is sanctioned and paid out, it cannot be cancelled. Therefore, you would need to pay back the amount fully to close the loan.

Are the transactions on MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE safe? Yes, the transactions are secured through with a 256-bit SSL encryption.

Why is the processing fee deducted from my loan amount upfront? Processing fee is the basic fee charged by every financial entities for in working order like performing credit checks, approving the loan, and so on. We charge this upfront from the loan amount so you acknowledge exactly how much to expect, right from the beginning.

Are there any hidden charges? No. All our charges are transparent and communicated to the client upfront.

How do I get to know my re-payment agenda? You will be able to find it by logging into the portal.

Why do you need my bank account details? We need your bank account details to be able to transfer the funds you need to that account.

Why do you need to verify my bank account? We do this to ascertain that the details of the bank account you have put up goes to you.

My bank account could not be verified. What do I do next? If we are unable to verify your account automatically, you may try providing a cancelled bank check, to help us with the confirmation process. Please note that verification through with the second process may take up to twenty-four hours.

Can I get the loan amount transferred to another persons bank account? No, you will be able to only get the amount transferred to your personal bank account.

Is it possible to receive the loan amount in a joint bank account? Yes, it is possible to get the loan amount transferred to a bank account together held by you. All the same, you should be the main account holder of the joint account.

I am facing technological issues during loan application. What do I do? We will ask more info about the issue you are facing appropriate to be able to advise you on the correct course. Send us the screenshot of the issue, along with your registered telephone number and mobile device model name to support@mobiloan.in, and we shall get back to you at the earliest. Or call us.

Why should I e-sign my loan agreement? The Loan Agreement is a lawfully binding arrangement that you need to sign before availing a loan. The agreement expresses that once a loan is disbursed to you, you are liable to repay the full sum of money with interest and additional charges as applicable, within the due date of the loan.

How can I pay back the loan? You will be able to pay back your loan by heading over to the Repayments section in the portal and making an online payment. We accept payments via net banking, debit card, UPI and bank transfer.

I am unable to pay on the portal. Is there any other way I can repay the amount? No. We only accept loan repayments through with the MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE portal via debit card, net banking, UPI or bank transfer. If you are facing an issue while paying back your loan, kindly drop us an email on support@mobiloan.in and we shall look into it.

Can I pay back the loan prior to the maturity date? Yes, you are able to pay back your loan anytime prior to the repayment date.

Do you have a cash in payment option? No, we support online repayments only. .

Can I make a partial payment on the maturity date and pay the left over amount later on? No. The entire total needs to be paid on or before the maturity date.

Can I reschedule or postpone the EMI date? No. MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE doesn't provide any choice to reschedule or hold over your EMI date.

Do I get a confirmation after I pay back the loan? Yes, you will get an SMS from MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE verifying the repayment, and an e-mail confirming the closure of your consumer loan with MOBILOAN FINTECH ENTERPRISE.

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